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Using rsync with progress bar

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Posted on: 27 Mar 2008
Author: mandrei
Section: Server Operating Systems | Administration Guides
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Using rsync with progress bar
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Syncronizing directories from a remote directory to local directory or vice-versa can be done using rsync.

Be default, rsync doesn't show a progress bar while transfering files. 

Rsync with progress bar 

Use the below syntax in order for rsync to display a progress bar:

$ rsync -r -v --progress -e ssh root@remote-server:~/pictures /home/user/
receiving file list ...
366 files to consider
      3849245 100%   32.30kB/s    0:01:56 (xfer#30, to-check=335/366)
     4400662 100%   32.21kB/s    0:02:13 (xfer#31, to-check=334/366)
     2457600  71%   32.49kB/s    0:00:29

in this case rsync used some arguments:
-r, --recursive             recurse into directories
-v, --verbose               increase verbosity
-e, --rsh=COMMAND           specify the remote shell to use (which in my case it was ssh)
--progress              show progress during transfer

So basically, put --progress after your rsync command or you can create an alias like this:

$ alias rsync='rsync --progress'
$ alias rsync
alias rsync='rsync --progress'

You can add this alias to your ~/.profile and everytime you will be using rsync command, the progress bar will be shown durring file transfer.

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1 comment(s) to Using rsync with progress bar:

1. Re: Using rsync with progress bar
Recursive by Dàrent at April 13th, 2009 - 00:26
You can add too:

alias copyfolder='rsync --progress -r'

To make it recursive (copy folders an their content) ;)

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