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FreeBSD Cron - NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup) errors

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Posted on: 06 Jan 2008
Author: mandrei
Section: Server Operating Systems | Problems and Solutions
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FreeBSD Cron - NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup) errors
NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup): nis, passwd_compat, endpwent, not found cron error in /var/log/cron on FreeBSD


On one of my servers, there was a strange error in cron logs which was quite annoying:

[root@www /var/log]# head cron
Dec 13 10:00:05 www newsyslog[72924]: logfile turned over due to size>100K
Dec 13 10:00:08 www /usr/sbin/cron[72834]: (root) CMD (/usr/libexec/atrun)
Dec 13 10:00:08 www cron[72834]: NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup): nis, group_compat, setgrent, not found
Dec 13 10:00:08 www cron[72834]: NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup): nis, group_compat, endgrent, not found
Dec 13 10:00:08 www cron[72834]: NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup): nis, passwd_compat, endpwent, not found

After searching the web a little, I found that by editing /etc/nsswitch.conf file and replacing compat with files for group and passwd fields will prevent these errors from occuring.

Here's a little something from man nsswitch.conf:

NSSWITCH.CONF(5)          FreeBSD File Formats Manual         NSSWITCH.CONF(5)

     nsswitch.conf -- name-service switch configuration file

     The nsswitch.conf file specifies how the nsdispatch(3) (name-service
     switch dispatcher) routines in the C library should operate.

     The configuration file controls how a process looks up various databases
     containing information regarding hosts, users (passwords), groups, etc.
     Each database comes from a source (such as local files, DNS, and NIS),
     and the order to look up the sources is specified in nsswitch.conf.

     Each entry in nsswitch.conf consists of a database name, and a space sep-
     arated list of sources.  Each source can have an optional trailing crite-
     rion that determines whether the next listed source is used, or the
     search terminates at the current source.  Each criterion consists of one
     or more status codes, and actions to take if that status code occurs.

     The following sources are implemented:

     Source  Description
     files   Local files, such as /etc/hosts, and /etc/passwd.
     dns     Internet Domain Name System.  ``hosts'' and `networks' use IN
             class entries, all other databases use HS class (Hesiod) entries.
     nis     NIS (formerly YP)
     compat  support `+/-' in the ``passwd'' and ``group'' databases.  If this
             is present, it must be the only source for that entry.

     The following databases are used by the following C library functions:

     Database  Used by
     group     getgrent(3)
     hosts     gethostbyname(3)
     networks  getnetbyname(3)
     passwd    getpwent(3)
     shells    getusershell(3)

This file allows us (among other things) to choose the order of hostname look-ups and user shell look-ups. Here's my new /etc/nsswitch.conf:

group: files
group_compat: nis
hosts: files dns
networks: files
passwd: files
passwd_compat: nis
shells: files

I'll read into it and post if any new comments.

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1 comment(s) to FreeBSD Cron - NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup) errors:

1. Re: FreeBSD Cron - NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup) errors
- by kworr at June 11th, 2008 - 03:01
You probably compiled your world WITHOUT_NIS. I ran into same problems trying to use hesiod...

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