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FreeBSD - Add default route

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Posted on: 05 Mar 2008
Author: mandrei
Section: Server Operating Systems | Networking Devices
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FreeBSD - Add default route
FreeBSD add default route, add default route on a FreeBSD machine


FreeBSD - Add default route

$ route add default
add net default: gateway 

Right now, your machine's default route is through gateway.

To view the routing table:

$ netstat -rn
Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default         UGS         0       34    rl0

Delete default route

$ route delete default
delete net default 

For more options, consult manuals for route and netstat commands:

ROUTE(8)                FreeBSD System Manager's Manual               ROUTE(8)

     route -- manually manipulate the routing tables

     route [-dnqtv] command [[modifiers] args]

     The route utility is used to manually manipulate the network routing
     tables.  It normally is not needed, as a system routing table management
     daemon, such as routed(8), should tend to this task.

     The route utility supports a limited number of general options, but a
     rich command language, enabling the user to specify any arbitrary request
     that could be delivered via the programmatic interface discussed in


     netstat -- show network status

     The netstat command symbolically displays the contents of various net-
     work-related data structures.  There are a number of output formats,
     depending on the options for the    
netstat -r [-AanW] [-f address_family] [-M core] [-N system]
             Display the contents of all routing tables, or a routing table
             for a particular address_family.  If -A is also present, show the
             contents of the internal Patricia tree structures; used for
             debugging.  If -a is also present, show protocol-cloned routes
             (routes generated by an RTF_PRCLONING parent route); normally
             these routes are not shown.  When -W is also present, show the
             path MTU for each route, and print interface names with a wider
             field size.
 information presented.
     -n    Show network addresses and ports as numbers.  Normally netstat
           attempts to resolve addresses and ports, and display them symboli-


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