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About Ivorde.RO - Andrei Manescu

Created in 2007, this website was ment, at the very beginning, to be a web warehouse for all the tutorials I had gathered in the past regarding my domains of interest (Unix, Website development and databases). After a while I said that it would be nice to share it with the rest of people who meight need it so I registered this domain, I built a webserver (FreeBSD Apache, MySQL and PHP based) and I turned it into this.

Ivorde.RO is not ment to be and it will never be a blog or a commercial solution (see experts-exchange.xx). Every info is and will be free for as long as I own it.

No wordpress/mambo or any other Content Management System is used, only my own (TinyMCE and PHP).

Webdesign by Lavinia Dragusin & Andrei Manescu.

Database administration: Andrei Manescu (development) and Lavinia Dragusin (backup).

Ivorde.RO is open to link exchange with other web-sites in the domain.

Ivorde.RO will offfer 5 free domain hosting (because it'll be free, I will only offer 10MB of space ). The date I do not know for sure, but if you're interested, contact me.

When I say it'll be free, it will be free. I hate fake advertisement.

You can also register (for free) and post your guides and tutorials.

Giving the fact that is in it's beta stage and the fact that my time for it is very limited I ask you to be pacient and ignore bugs :D.

My curriculum vitae will be posted soon.

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